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Cover of Trumped Up Election


Trumped Up Election
ISBN: 978-1-7320453-5-4

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Cover of Camille Mobilizes


Camille Mobilizes
ISBN: 978-1-942371-69-4

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Cover of Like a B MovieLike a B Movie

ISBN: 1942371454

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Cover of Camille AbroadCamille Abroad


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Cover of Harbingers








ISBN: 978-1421837598

Available from Amazon











Cover of Scene of the Crime





Scene of the Crime
ISBN: 978-1-937-34731-4

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Cover of Where We Grew Up


Where We Grew Up
ISBN: 978-1938853920
Available from FutureCycle Press, Paperback

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Cover of Camille Vérité


Camille Vérité
ISBN: 978-1938853739
Available from FutureCycle Press, Paperback










Cover of Penetrating the Mist chapbook

Penetrating the Mist
ISBN: 978-0-9897417-5-0
Available from the author.





Cover of Hookup with Chinaski

Hookup With Chinaski
ISBN: 978-0967648729
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Image of Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur
ISBN: 978-0-578-11744-7
Available from the author





Fishing for Portents
ISBN: 1-58998-295-9
Available from the author



The Mangia Syndrome
ISBN: 1-58998-295-9
Available from the author



Second-Class Citizen
ISBN: 1-884419-29-1
VIA Folios 19
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