Power Lunch

Mimi and Marilyn meet at Camille's Bistro for brunch. First, they try the low-calorie lunch menu which includes chicken tabbouleh pockets, baba ghanoush, and turkey-fennel salad. But it is a delicate dish of a dozen grilled miniature corporate heads, the kind cannibals in East Borneo made renown, reducing warring tribes to a ritual recipe, that truly satisfies their hunger. They drink BLUE LAGOONS and rewrite the in-depth analysis of their competitor's transactions due in the boss's office by mid-afternoon. This is a celebration of women recouping power from the many men who have given up or capitulated, heads detached from bodies. Like gourmet tasters, they do their damnedest to dunk each corporate head in the appropriate dip without getting grease marks on the pages. They agree that two heads are better than one. At this moment, life never tasted so good.

"Power Lunch" artwork by Marcus Stanley Bausch, Jr.

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