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Draft Notice

Hometown Hero

Uncle Herb

Jumping Ship


Car Wash

White Mice

Droopy Dawg

The Boot

R & R

Buddy System

Civil War of the Soul

What They Wanted

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Poetry by Victor Henry

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What They Wanted

was my soul, my body, my mind.
Instead what they got
was a declaration
to wage war on the war.

In the Nam,
during my relationship
between the manipulated
and the manipulator,
I was nothing more
than U.S. Grade A American meat
used for some bureaucrat's political gain.

Now over thirty years later
in this war of no fronts,
an MIA in my own country,
I sleep lightly,
keep a knife nearby on the night stand,
continue to go on night patrols,
look for an alternative revenge.

Copyright 2002 by Victor H. Bausch - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED