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Draft Notice

Hometown Hero

Uncle Herb

Jumping Ship


Car Wash

White Mice

Droopy Dawg

The Boot

R & R

Buddy System

Civil War of the Soul

What They Wanted

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Poetry by Victor Henry

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R & R

It is 1967 and all the bars
in Yokohama look the same.
For over two hours
you've been nursing drinks
in the dim light
trying to forget Vietnam.

When she sits next to you
you're so far
into a back-home reverie
you don't even know she's there.
She speaks fluent English,
buys you another beer,
asks you to slow dance.

She senses your innocence
knows you've been
with only a few women,
offers her body as home.
Later she teaches you
how to please a woman,
transposes pleasure for pain.

Copyright 2002 by Victor H. Bausch - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED