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Draft Notice

Hometown Hero

Uncle Herb

Jumping Ship


Car Wash

White Mice

Droopy Dawg

The Boot

R & R

Buddy System

Civil War of the Soul

What They Wanted

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Poetry by Victor Henry

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Hometown Hero

Like a hometown hero
from the heartland,
a poor black
from the projects,
a son expected to emulate
his father,
I am drafted,
set off for war
told to kill for an idea,
to kill a Commie
for Christ.

My coworkers
at the aircraft plant,
both WW II and
Korean veterans,
it's my patriotic duty,
right or wrong,
to defend the flag,
the American way.

It's understood
we must bomb
North Vietnam
back to the Stone Age.
That I must do my job,
fight like a man.

In this Theater of the Absurd
I'm ordered to wage cruel war
on my own species
in a country
that has never known peace.

Sheeplike, I never question
my role.

Copyright 2002 by Victor H. Bausch - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED