Day Nine-Alicante

It's our final day in Alicante--we'll be flying to San Francisco tomorrow.

As I wander the streets and boulevards, I see little cafes beneath high rise apartments.

Each apartment building has its own unique personality.

There are sleek, modern flats mixed in with older, quaint apartments.

There are so many places for friends and neighbors to gather.

Near each block of flats, there will be a park such as this one.

Downtown streets feature a variety of artwork, plazas.

Attractive paths, such as this, encourage walkers.

Every few blocks, one encounters lovely islands of shrubbery and statuary.

History is everywhere!

Kiosks with food and beverages provide places for people to share coffee and conversation.

In every neighborhood, you see artistic graffiti.

Some of the graffiti is very imaginative.

This restaurant has incorporated graffiti as part of its advertising.

It is a good thing I decided to walk in the morning as this big thunderstorm rolled in right after lunchtime.

As I finish up today's web page, thunder and lightning rumble overhead as rain pelts Alicante.